Kizzou is all about fitting into your dog’s lifestyle, with no compromises. Gone are the days of trying to find the best size for your dog. Our coats, jackets, and accessories not only look amazing but have been specifically designed to adjust to your dog’s body and shape. We understand that your dog not only needs to look good, but he (or she) also needs to feel good.

But good design is just the beginning. Our mission is to provide quality, premium, and sustainable items for your furry friend. We also strongly believe in community over competition, supporting local economy and often collaborating with other small businesses, brands, and even artisans to create the perfect piece for your pet.

We get it, your dog is part of your family, why not spoil them with the best?

I was originally born in Cuba, moved to the Netherlands and then to Spain before setting up shop permanently here in New York City in 2019. Before founding Kizzou I worked in the corporate world, but I felt unfulfilled, so I decided to do something about it. I’ve always had dogs and back in Madrid, I was constantly volunteering with different rescue organizations.

The idea for Kizzou came from my specific need to find jackets that would fit my two rescue Yorkies. Every jacket that I would buy for my dogs would never really fit, and I always had to fix them myself. So I decided one day to design my own jacket that would be adjustable and that’s how Kizzou was born.

I believe that our dogs deserve the best, but not at the expense of the environment. That is why Kizzou is the perfect mixture of quality-made ethical and sustainable dog wear that will make your dog look good, feel good and do good.

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